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Kantangotm is a free site devoted to teaching Japanese vocabulary.

The word kantango is the whimsical combination of two Japanese words--kantan (simple) and tango (vocabulary). Kantangotm uses an SQLized version of the online dictionary Edict, Copyright the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group.

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27 Jan 2008Enabled Gahoh links and fixed Sanseido link on the word page!
30 Jan 2005It appears that gahoh.com is no longer so I removed the dead links to this site. Too bad. Also, I tried to address the automatic logout problem. (Keeping fingers crossed that it is fixed.)
22 Aug 2004Based on user feedback (thanks Peter), fixed a problem with romaji input related to di and du. Also added a romaji usage page.
31 Jul 2004Several navigational enhancements have been made to the site. Introduced a basic user bookmarking system, the ability to copy and move words from wordlist to wordlist, ability to enable and disable sound and more.
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