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27 Jan 2008Enabled Gahoh links and fixed Sanseido link on the word page!
30 Jan 2005It appears that gahoh.com is no longer so I removed the dead links to this site. Too bad. Also, I tried to address the automatic logout problem. (Keeping fingers crossed that it is fixed.)
22 Aug 2004Based on user feedback (thanks Peter), fixed a problem with romaji input related to di and du. Also added a romaji usage page.
31 Jul 2004Several navigational enhancements have been made to the site. Introduced a basic user bookmarking system, the ability to copy and move words from wordlist to wordlist, ability to enable and disable sound and more.
7 Jun 2004Kantango now supports audio! Special thanks go out to Toshitaka Ishiguchi-San for helping me seed the database with 3000 sound clips.
30 May 2004Fixed some bugs associated with kanji lookup. Certain words would refuse to be found in the dictionary. Thanks go out to Paul and Jacob Levine for helping me track these down!
9 Apr 2004Maintanence update to the site. Thanks to some insightful feedback by Sheila, discovered and fixed a long standing problem in flipping flashcards under Internet Explorer. Also made some minor fixes based on other user feedback. Removed accounts that hadn't been accessed for more than a year and a half.
31 Mar 2004Migration to a new server. Hopefully soon I will be able to work on the large backlog of requests. As always, thank you for your feedback and suggestions.
9 Jul 2003Thanks to user droitkl for identifying a problem with wordlist creation timestamps. The problem has been corrected.
7 Jun 2003Asako Hayashi presents kantango to educators at a conference on Web-based Instruction for the Less Commonly Taught Languages at Stanford University.
19 Apr 2003There have been numerous questions about browsers lately. If you are using a IE/Netscape Version 4.x browswer this site is not going to work. For the Mac, Brad tells me that the latest Safari (beta 2) works best when using the latest version of OS X.
19 Apr 2003Fixed a scripting problem on flashcards pointed out by redsorceror. The problem caused extraneous \ characters to appear each time the page updated.
8 Apr 2003Found the source of a major system bottleneck and fixed it. You should see snappier performance as a result. Investigating user reported problems with flashcards on the Mac and deletion of words from wordlists under Windows 2000. Both of these problems I cannot currently reproduce (;_;)
4 Apr 2003The upgrade to the new server has been completed. Thanks for your patience.
30 Mar 2003On April 4th, 2003 11:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Kantango will shutdown for a brief period (about an hour). The server is being relocated to a better facility located in Washington State. We expect better bandwidth and improved performance under high load conditions.
26 Mar 2003The Kantango Team sends a warm welcome out to Kantango co-founder Dr Asako Hayashi of UCLA and members of The Association of Teachers of Japanese (ATJ) in New York. Hope everyone has a great conference!
23 Mar 2003Fixed a problem with romaji to kana conversion. Now you can specify the word げんいん from げにん by typing gen'in and genin respectively. Also, some words that contained っど such as BEDDO (ベッド)were broken but now work. It should be working 100% now but let me know if you see any other problems. Thanks. -- Your humble vocabulary administrator.
22 Mar 2003Starting to take requests for adding new words to the dictionary. New additions are listed on my wordlist fixra :: DICTIONARY UPDATES :: DICTIONARY ADDITIONS
22 Mar 2003Based on user feedback, made some minor enhancements to flashcard font sizes. Also tweaked dictionary search so that it picks up single kanji characters. Fixed a reported problem (observed in Mozilla) with adding words.
20 Mar 2003Kantango gets redesigned with a new look and feel. Our hope is that this makes studying vocabulary even more efficient than the previous version. As always, if you have suggestions, questions or comments, please contact us.